Firework Displays 101: Safety Tips for Cakes and Candles

The holidays are fast approaching, which means the time for colorful skies is just around the corner as people prep to greet the new year with a bang. Fireworks can create a marvelous display, but understanding how to light different fireworks safely is crucial if you don’t want to risk your limbs. 

If you’re looking for different firework catalogs, we’re here to focus on one of the most common displays: cakes. They’re far from the sugary treats you would expect in celebrations, but more of a term refers to a series of tubes fused to create a chain of sparkles and kaleidoscopic explosions.  Here’s what you should know about these glittering fireworks: 

How Firework Cakes Work 

Cakes always need to be set up on the ground, even when its primary effect is to light up the sky. The body should be stable on the ground as the cake fires, which you can do by lighting the green fuse. This explodes the lift charge, which catapults it into the air and ignites the internal fuse, allowing you to see its effect as the next tube prepares to launch the next aerial display. 

Some cakes to consider include the following different types:

  • Traditional Cake - this refers to the most common type of firework cake, which fires all the shots in the air one at a time. These are attractive displays that shoot out stars, comets, and other colorful effects:
  • Fan Cake - one of the most colorful displays, a fan cake allows you to fire shots simultaneously, resulting in an eye-catching barrage of fireworks shooting up in the air:
  • Finale Cake - just as the moniker suggests, a finale cake fires shots in rapid succession to create a grand effect. The multi-aerial firework can end the show with a bang since its the type of cake that displays the widest range of colors, all while being the biggest and loudest;

  • Zipper Cake - this one comes closest to a sprinkler cake, in which it fires shots back and forth. 

The Bottom Line: The Right Way to Brighten Special Celebrations with Sparkler Candles

Knowing the difference between different types of firework cakes can help you make informed choices when shopping for the best display to color your celebration. Different cakes are designed for unique purposes, so purchasing the right one can also impact your safety when setting up the cakes. 

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