Wedding Fireworks

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Flaming Lamborghini by Total FXFlaming Lamborghini
Total FX Flaming Lamborghini
Sale price£99.99 Regular price£119.99
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Midas Touch by Celtic FireworksMidas Touch
Celtic Fireworks Midas Touch
Sale price£24.99 Regular price£32.99
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Legend by JorgeLegend
Jorge Legend
Sale price£69.99 Regular price£89.99
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Thunderstruck by Primed PyrotechnicsThunderstruck
Primed Pyrotechnics Thunderstruck
Sale price£179.99 Regular price£249.99
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Pyro Mix 6 by JorgePyro Mix 6
Jorge Pyro Mix 6
Sale price£199.99 Regular price£299.99
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Sajgon by JorgeSajgon
Jorge Sajgon
Sale price£74.99 Regular price£89.99
Green Hand Held Fountain FlareGreen Hand Held Fountain Flare
Yellow Hand Held Flare Fountain by Trafalgar FireworksYellow Hand Held Flare Fountain
Purple Hand Held Flare Fountain by Trafalgar FireworksPurple Hand Held Flare Fountain
Pink Hand Held Fountain Flare by Trafalgar FireworksPink Hand Held Fountain Flare
Orange Hand Held Fountain Flare by Trafalgar FireworksOrange Hand Held Fountain Flare
Hand Held Red Smoke by Trafalgar FireworksHand Held Red Smoke
Hand Held Yellow Smoke by Trafalgar FireworksHand Held Yellow Smoke
Hand Held Purple Smoke by Trafalgar FireworksHand Held Purple Smoke
Hand Held Orange Smoke by Trafalgar FireworksHand Held Orange Smoke
Hand Held Green Coloured Smokes by Trafalgar FireworksHand Held Green Coloured Smokes
Hand Held Black Coloured Smoke by Trafalgar FireworksHand Held Black Coloured Smoke
White Hand Held Coloured Smoke by Trafalgar FireworksWhite Hand Held Coloured Smoke
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Skull Crusher by Gemstone FireworksSkull Crusher
Gemstone Fireworks Skull Crusher
Sale price£169.99 Regular price£199.99
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Stalagmite Conic 13inch Fountain by Kimbolton FireworksStalagmite Conic 13inch Fountain
Kimbolton Fireworks Stalagmite Conic 13inch Fountain
Sale price£15.99 Regular price£18.99

Wedding Fireworks Packages

We offer a range of fireworks that have been hand-picked for weddings, so you can find a huge range of wedding fireworks in Essex from our Hornchurch store or in this category. If you have themed your wedding to a specific colour, we may have fireworks to match or compliment, giving you the chance to snap beautiful night shots that are cohesive with your colour scheme. You will also find a range of smoke bombs, which fill the area with opaque coloured smoke that would be ideal for a photoshoot or to make a dramatic exit from your special day. 

If a full fireworks display isn’t up your street, how about a sparkler send off? Create the most perfect photo opp by handing out sparklers to your guests instead of confetti, and lighting them up at the end of the day to round off the reception. There are so many incredible fireworks to choose from, but if you need a little more help, we can put the perfect wedding fireworks packages together for you. Tell us about your wedding and if you have a theme, and we will advise on the best fireworks to use and produce a bespoke firing guide to help you put on the best show possible.

How Much Do Wedding Fireworks Cost?

Every happy couple has a budget that they need to stick to when planning their big day, so the cost of your wedding fireworks can be tailored to fit. Whether you want you to have the most extravagant fireworks display to be seen for miles around, filled with awe-inspiring flashes of colour and sparkles, or a more intimate, quiet display, we can tailor a plan for you with your budget in mind. Alternatively, you can shop our range for yourself and put together your own show. We can tailor our wedding firework packages to all budgets, and you will receive free delivery on qualifying orders across the UK.

Wedding Fireworks In Essex

At Let’s Party Fireworks, we are a team of passionate firework enthusiasts, so we can advise you on how to put together the perfect display for your wedding. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we understand wedding displays like no other, so we can provide customised firing guides to suit your wedding theme, and advise on the best fireworks. We are proud to source the highest quality products from across the globe, so whether you need fireworks, sparklers, or flares, we can provide the best options possible.

While we sell wedding fireworks in Essex from our Hornchurch store, we also offer nationwide delivery. We can ship our fireworks across the country, no matter if you’re in London, the North East, or even Scotland. Unsure of how to choose the best range of pyrotechnics for your big day? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to lend our expertise. If you’re local to Essex, why not drop into our Hornchurch store to browse our fireworks in person? We also offer same day collection from our store, so building the perfect display for your wedding has never been easier.

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