Catherine Wheels

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Six Foot Sparkle Wheel by TNTSix Foot Sparkle Wheel
TNT Six Foot Sparkle Wheel
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Bengal Torches (Green, Yellow) by VulcanBengal Torches (Green, Yellow) by Vulcan
Vulcan Fireworks Bengal Torches (Green, Yellow)
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Red Strobe by Celtic FireworksRed Strobe
Celtic Fireworks Red Strobe
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Whirlpool Catherine Wheels by Evolution FireworksWhirlpool Catherine Wheels
Evolution Fireworks Whirlpool Catherine Wheels
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Premium Diamant Sonne by Kimbolton FireworksPremium Diamant Sonne
Kimbolton Fireworks Premium Diamant Sonne
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Twister Wheel by Bright StarTwister Wheel
Bright Star Twister Wheel
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(56 C - 006) 56 shot White Glitter Willow Roman Candle by Vivid Pyrotechnics(56 C - 006) 56 shot White Glitter Willow Roman Candle
Vivid Pyrotechnics (56 C - 006) 56 shot White Glitter Willow Roman Candle
Sale price£12.99 Regular price£14.99
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We Love Catherine Wheels In The UK

Giant Catherine wheels have been a true staple in UK displays for years, and for good reason too. They are often the talking point of the show, thanks to the incredible dimension they create and striking circular effect, so they feature in most traditional displays. No matter if you’re looking for the ideal ending for a Bonfire Night show or a New Year’s Eve extravaganza, our Catherine wheel fireworks are here to help.

At Let’s Party Fireworks, we have a variety of rotating fireworks for you to choose from, including the Bright Star Twister Wheel. This giant wheel fires five motors at the same time to produce showers of sparks in red, green, and silver. It’s a loud and proud product, so it’s perfect if you want to dazzle your guests. If you need something a little smaller, why not try the Whirlpool Catherine Wheels from Evolution Fireworks? While these wheels may be small in size, they still pack a punch, offering dramatic spirals of red, green, and yellow.

Buy Rotating Fireworks From Let’s Party Fireworks

We live and breathe fireworks, so with over 10 years of experience, we can advise on your displays and create custom firing guides to help you create a stunning spectacle, whether you need birthday fireworks or a gender reveal. As a team of passionate firework enthusiasts, we know fireworks like no other and are proud to offer an outstanding service to all of our customers. You can be sure that you are purchasing the highest quality fireworks available, as we only source the best Catherine wheels in the UK and deliver them directly to homes nationwide. Whether you’re based in Essex, London, or even up in Scotland, you can still buy and enjoy our range of strobes.

If you want to pop in and visit us in person, you can browse our fantastic range of rotating fireworks in our Hornchurch store. We have our full firework collection for you to discover, as well as our spinning wheels and our very own Let’s Party Fireworks products. Why not call in to see us, have a chat about your display ideas, and buy Catherine wheels in person? We also offer same day collection from our store, so putting your own fireworks display has never been easier.

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