5 Top Questions About Holiday Fireworks in 2020 - Our Guide

2020 is one of the most challenging years ever, and you may have some questions about the holiday season. That’s because you may still want to keep to the fireworks tradition to enable you and your family to lift your spirits, despite all the negativity heard lately in the news and social media. And don’t worry, the fireworks show can continue this year! You just need to ask the right questions and know all the answers. 

This article will discuss the five most commonly asked questions about fireworks this upcoming festive season. Take this as an opportunity to keep to tradition and uplift the people around you, showing them that you hold on to hope as you enjoy all the explosive festivities!

Am I allowed to buy fireworks this year? 

Some naysayers are adamant in claiming that fireworks are not allowed, but they just don’t know the facts! Yes, you cannot buy pyrotechnics on specific dates, and you also cannot just go to your local vendor because they may not be registered sellers.

All you have to do to ensure you buy fireworks the right way is to find legitimate firework suppliers and purchase your fireworks stock during the following dates: December 26-31 and three days before Chinese New Year. Don’t forget to stay updated on current events and laws in your area to ensure that you comply with all the firework-purchasing guidelines!

When can I use fireworks? 

The best place to use your fireworks is either in your backyard and front yard, but you need to be careful with the things around your property. For instance, there may be trees and tall houses nearby that can get affected once you spark specific pyrotechnics. 

As such, adhere to the safe use guidelines set by your firework supplier. Take note that you are allowed to set off fireworks within your residential property but don’t use them between 11 pm to 7 am, except during certain holidays, like New Year’s Eve, where the cut-off time is around 1 am. 

Should I worry about my neighbours when I have my backyard fireworks display show? 

You may be concerned about the noise and commotion that can trigger disagreements with your neighbours, but you should be fine. You have the right to use fireworks as long as you comply with the safety guidelines and use them within your property. 

However, you should at least show some courtesy by warning any concerned neighbours that you will set off a few loud fireworks just to avoid any friction. You can also contact them either through the phone or online and tell them to look outside from a safe distance to view your fireworks display—the right way to spread the holiday cheer!  

Am I allowed to invite my friends over to watch my fireworks display? 

Remember—you can have some fun during the holidays, but you should still be responsible, especially when controlling the urge to invite loved ones over for the holidays. Comply with the World Health Organization’s 3 Cs, which states that you must stay away from crowded places, close-contact setting, and confined spaces. So why not just look to alternatives for holiday fireworks displays. For example, you can have a video conferencing room with your family, showing them your fantastic pyrotechnics performance right from the safety of your backyard!  

What is the safest way to buy fireworks for the holidays? 

By far, the best way to conveniently source fireworks for sale is online because you can easily connect with staff, confirm the seller’s validity and plan out what kind of holiday-themed display you want this year. You can also rely on fireworks delivery to ensure that your stock conveniently shows up just in time for your festivities! 


You and your family are all set to enjoy the holidays with fireworks! You just need to do so safely and find your ideal setup for a spectacular pyrotechnics display. Remember all the formerly mentioned information and start planning your holiday festivities! 

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