Kimbolton Fireworks

In 1964, Reverend Ron Lancaster MBE founded Kimbolton Fireworks in a small workshop and continued his research in pyrotechnics for the firework industry. Little did he know that from those humble beginnings, his company would one day provide displays for occasions as grand as the Handover of Hong Kong, St Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve display.

Not wanting to see an influential company in the industry with a long and distinguished history, Phoenix Fireworks purchased Kimbolton Fireworks when it went into administration in early 2019.

Kimbolton will continue to trade but as part of Phoenix Fireworks, continuing with the displays and sales parts of the business. The existing product range being incorporated in with Phoenix’s product range. Kimbolton will continue to import a wide range of fireworks from Europe and the Far East to ensure the best variety and value for money.