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Compound fireworks are the heart and soul of any good firework display thanks to offering a plethora of effects, without the need to have lots of individual fireworks. These single ignition fireworks can contain anything up to 300 individual shots including a number of different effects for your all-in-one display needs.

There are a range of benefits to opting for a compound firework display, not least the value for money with most containing well over 100 fireworks in one, and no need to keep relighting. You can get your entire display boxed off with one giant compound firework – so it really is worth the investment.

We have a range of pre-fused compound fireworks for sale, including some of the most well-respected brands in the industry to create the perfect show stopper firework display for your event.

Compounds Fireworks (15)

What are compound fireworks?

Compound fireworks are made up of multiple cakes tat are connected by a fuse meaning you only need to light it once. This has made it a fantastic option for firework displays as it requires less time in close quarters and offers a long and impressive display.

Although considered to be a relatively recent addition to the UK firework market, compound fireworks have fast become one of the most sought-after types for firework displays thanks to their magnificent variety and longevity making them a great focal point for your event.

Why choose a pre fused firework?

Compound connecting fireworks work through a pre fused system, meaning that you only need to light it once before sitting back to enjoy the show. This is not only safer than other displays which require timed lighting of multiple fireworks, but it’s also a simpler way of enjoying a full firework display.

Are compound fireworks safe?

All fireworks must be treated with care and caution at all times. If you are putting your own firework display whether at home or at a venue, it’s vital that you adhere to health and safety firework laws. However, when handled appropriately and professionally, compound fireworks can provide a safe and enjoyable experience.

Thanks to being pre-fused, compound fireworks offer an additional level of safety as they only need lighting once, meaning you can get out of the way and enjoy the display from a safe distance without going back to light another firework.