Vivid Pyrotechnics

Lets Party Fireworks offer a wide variety of fireworks, ideal for any event whether that be Bonfire night, New Year’s Eve or a family celebration. Amongst our most popular makes of firework are Vivid Pyrotechnics who have been offering high-quality pyrotechnics for a number of years.

We offer a range of over 50 fireworks by this brand, which include some of the most eye-catching and beautiful fireworks on the market. The clue’s in the name with this show-stopping brand, offering a range of fireworks, all of which inject bursts of vivid colour into the sky for a wonderful firework display.

Although Vivid Pyrotechnics are a premium firework brand, here at Lets Party Fireworks we have a range of deals and discounts to help you create the perfect firework display, without breaking the bank – so take a look through our selection or get in touch to see how we can help.