All about Sparklers & How to Use Them in Celebrations

Fireworks are the ideal celebratory symbol known across the globe, and the thrill of watching them makes occasions that much more memorable. However, not every celebration can have fireworks due to certain limitations, whether it’s budget, safety, or logistics. This is the best opportunity to break out the sparklers, which are mini handheld fireworks that can make even small-scale celebrations that much more festive. Whether you’re looking for New Year’s Eve fireworks for sale or gender reveal fireworks, sparklers are a great alternative. 

How Are Sparklers Created?

A sparkler produces its long-lasting effects with the help of a few chemical components and other elements that can change the colour or enhance the effect of the sparklers. Here are three chemicals that make this possible:

1. The Metal Fuel

Sparklers are typically made with an iron wire coated in different types of fuel chemicals to set the colour of the glow. Iron coatings will give your sparklers a reddish glow while aluminium and magnesium will give off a white or light yellow colour that looks the most attractive in photos. Specific salts can also create different colours like blues and greens. Apart from the metal-fuel, one end of your sparkler will be coated with the oxidiser and binder that will make it work. 

2. The Oxidiser

Oxidisers allow sparklers to show their effects instead of looking like plain, burning metal. They heat up and decompose to create the dancing sparks that you see when you light up the end of the wire. These are usually composed of metal nitrates, potassium nitrates, chlorates, or perchlorates. 

3. The Binder

To make sure that the metal fuels and oxidisers stick to the metal wire, a binder is needed. Dextrin is usually used in sparklers and mixed with the first two components to form a paste-like consistency to apply on the wire. 

How Are Sparklers Made?

Producing sparklers is much easier than creating fireworks. The metal wires are cut into pre-determined lengths depending on the size of the sparkler produced. The wires then move onto the next stage in the process, which is getting dipped into the chemical mixture of metal-fuel, oxidiser, and binder paste. This is left to sit for a while until it is ready for another dipping to ensure that the sparklers achieve their desired effect when lit by customers. Usually, the sparklers are left to dry for about a week, packed, and sent to retailers where you can also request for fireworks delivery.

Using Sparklers in Different Celebrations

While sparklers are fantastic for all celebrations, whether big or small, they’re fun especially for these moments that you spend with friends and family:

1. Weddings

Sparklers are not just a great look for your wedding photos but an easy and inexpensive way to get guests involved. They can be lit as you’re walking out of the ceremony hall or during a photo opportunity at the reception. They easily lend an extra joyous and fun look to the most special day of your life. 

2. Birthdays and Surprise Parties

Why settle for boring old candles when you can make a birthday celebration so much more festive with sparklers? Some are specifically made for birthday cakes, so be sure to get those instead of regular sparklers that may be too large. They’ll add a unique touch to the birthday photos and will make that birthday more memorable. 

These are also ideal for surprise parties because they’re easy to light up. They also have a much bigger and more aesthetically pleasing effect than candles do, which makes the surprise even more unexpected in the best way possible!

3. Photoshoots

Sparklers look especially ethereal in photos. When planning your photoshoot, see how the sparkling lights can add a magical touch to every photo, whether they’re held in your hand or used as a backdrop. 


Special moments deserve a great celebration. After all, people are living in unprecedented times, and every chance there is at joy and laughter should be treasured. Fireworks and sparklers can help you achieve that magical feeling that comes with the most meaningful and intimate celebrations. Lighting up that first spark is the best way to make an occasion as special as it should be!

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