5 Tips For Safe Bonfire Celebration

Hardly anyone can say they don’t enjoy a good fireworks display. These beautiful dancing plumes of fire can light up the night sky after a street party, an intimate birthday gathering, or even a bonfire party. If you are looking for the perfect way to end your evening, you might want to stop at a fireworks shop to pick up some pyrotechnics.

When it comes to planning any event involving a bonfire, safety should be your utmost priority. If you want to host an enjoyable celebration for both adults and children, you need to take extra precautions.

1. Look for a bonfire-specific venue

A bonfire is a controlled blaze. While you can literally light a massive fire in any outdoor area, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be safe. Some locations provide a dugout or pit which can contain the fire. If you plan to use your backyard, it is courtesy to inform your neighbours about your plans to avoid complaints. You also need to prepare the area and make sure it is clear of the following hazards that may cause you to lose control of the fire:

  • Damp natural material like leaves and grass cuttings
  • Compost material
  • Wooden sheds and fences
  • Trees and dried cuttings like twigs and branches
  • Overhead wires like telephone lines, electrical cables

2. Have fire-fighting equipment ready

When working with fire, you need to assume the worst can happen--and that is for the fire to get out of hand. Prepare buckets of water in multiple locations around the fire. Designate an adult to be responsible for operating the fire extinguisher if you have one. Make sure it is easily accessible at all times. 

3. Source your fireworks from reputable supplier

One way to avoid accidents is to make sure you source your pyrotechnic products like sparklers and rockets from reputable sources for your fireworks show. You can be sure that they have passed quality and safety inspections and stored properly, preserving their condition.

4. Use a barrier to keep children away 

Children should enjoy the bonfire from a safe distance away. You should also teach them not to bring their sparklers or other flammable materials near the big blaze. If you create a circumference to use a recessed bonfire pit, you can lay down a simple barrier made of metal stakes around the rim of the fire container. You could also build a short wall from stones or bricks around it to remind people to stay a safe distance away.

5. Be mindful of children’s clothing

Bonfires can be tempting and mesmerizing for young children. One fire hazard that might not be immediately obvious is their clothing. While they might maintain a distance, loose clothing, wayward ribbons, or trailing shoelaces might inadvertently catch fire as they run around the bonfire pit. Ask their parents to dress them in clothing that doesn’t protrude or has elongated parts. Above all else, never leave children unattended in the presence of the fire.

Cap your bonfire evening with a stunning pyrotechnic show. When done correctly, it is an excellent and affordable way to entertain your guests. Make sure you take all precautions necessary to enjoy the delight of a good firework show to end a warm and cozy bonfire night.  

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