4 Things You SHOULDN’T Do When Handling Fireworks

If you’re planning to purchase fireworks, you must always practice safety at all times. Practising safety doesn’t just start when you’re lighting up the pyrotechnics, but it comes even as early as simply storing them and keeping it safe for later use.

Whether you decide to buy cheap fireworks online or invest in quality firecrackers, it’s essential to know what you’re doing to avoid accidents from occurring. Read on further below to find out the things you need to avoid doing when it comes to dealing with fireworks.

Playing with the Packaging

Despite it being common sense, some people forget to leave their fireworks alone, investigating the contents of their fireworks delivery at the first chance they get. You can check your package—but only to make sure everything is intact! 

If you’re planning to explore your firecrackers further, you should think again. The tiniest change you make will cause trouble the moment you decide to light them up. Most fireworks utilise gunpowder, so deforming them will affect the way they function once you do actually light them.

Carelessly Lighting Up Your Fireworks

Fireworks should always be handled with care in the same way that you should still be alert in case things don’t go as planned. As with any product, expect to witness a malfunction due to the way wholesale fireworks are manufactured and packaged.

The act of placing your fireworks on the pavement and proceeding to fire them up is actually a wrong move that calls for trouble! The moment an active firework flies to an unexpected route, it could land to where the people are and cause an accident. 

Before proceeding with your pyrotechnic endeavour, it’s imperative to read the manual that comes with your fireworks to learn the techniques that will keep them steady in place.

Allowing Your Sparklers to Get Wet

If you’re planning on a specific day to light your rocket fireworks, it’s crucial to check the weather beforehand. If it states that it’s going to rain on that day, then it’s best to skip the lights display or move your event to a later date if at all possible. Operating fireworks when it’s raining or during instances you accidentally get the fuse wet is a bad idea because they can break down and stop working, therefore wasting your money! 

Where you store your firecrackers is also another thing to consider, and should always be dry. If it gets wet because of a flood or just an accidental spill from a bottle of water, then you may be faced with ill-working fireworks!

Coming Back to an Active Firework

During the times you try to light a firework and head for cover, only to realise it didn’t go off as planned, you should never try to check on it or attempt to light it one more time. Instead of thinking about the money you spent on it, think about what’s at stake—it’s simply too dangerous!

The idea of coming back to an active firework only opens up the possibility that you might get into an accident the moment it decides to blow up after all. So it’s best to leave it be and move on to your next firecracker. 


Whether you’re dealing with easy sparklers or loud fireworks, it’s always better to take extra precautions than facing the consequences of your actions. Handling fireworks are dangerous, mostly if you’ve never dealt with them on your own. That’s why you should do your research and ask people who have experience on how to manage fireworks safely and surely if you want an enjoyable experience.  

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