Thunderbolt , wow a fantastic big firework!!

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Wow what a great firework by Cube Fireworks. a MUST for any big party display , a true showstopper.

Thunderbolt is a 100 shot single ignition producing some stunning effects including red tails to golden willows with red strobe, a beautiful fanned section of both golden and glittering willows with blue stars and red tails to red glitter willows with blue stars. 

I also really like the way it brings the pace down with a falling leaf section just before the finale lifts…oh and it lasts 1 min 30 secs !!

Shots 100

Powder Weight  987g

Hazzard Class 1.4g

Duration 90 seconds 

Height 20 meters

Safety Distance 25 meters 

Noise Level 4/5




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