Pyrotechnology 253, MASSIVE FIREWORK

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Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh: A Symphony of Splendor

Prepare to be swept away by the Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh—a monumental firework display that transforms any wedding celebration into an unforgettable spectacle of light, color, and sound. Crafted by Klasek Fireworks, renowned for their innovation and precision, this masterpiece boasts 253 meticulously orchestrated shots that promise to dazzle and amaze.

Key Features:

  • Dazzling Variety of Effects: Immerse yourself in a dazzling array of 26 distinct effects, each more breathtaking than the last. From radiant bursts of color to cascading comets and crackling palms, the Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh paints the night sky with a symphony of visual splendor that captivates every eye.
  • Epic Scale and Duration: Witness the sky come alive with 253 explosive shots packed into a thrilling 90-second performance. Experience a relentless barrage of light and sound that fills the air with excitement and leaves a lasting impression on all who behold its brilliance.
  • Innovative Pyrotechnic Design: Featuring advanced 30mm bore size tubes, this firework delivers effects typically associated with larger 50mm bore sizes. The result is a wider coverage area, intensified colors, and a rapid-fire tempo that keeps the energy high and the audience enthralled from start to finish.
  • Safety and Precision: With a robust Net Explosive Content (NEC) weight of 4000 grams, safety is paramount. Designed for fanned firing, the Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh requires a safe distance of 25 meters to ensure a clear path for its angled trajectory, ensuring a spectacular show while prioritizing spectator safety.
  • Sensational Soundtrack: Rated at an exhilarating 5/5 on the noise scale, this firework commands attention with thunderous booms and sweeping whooshes that echo across the landscape. Its powerful auditory presence adds an extra dimension of excitement, making it a standout feature of any celebration.

Craft Unforgettable Moments:

From the grand finale of a wedding reception to marking significant milestones, the Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh promises to elevate every occasion with its unparalleled blend of spectacle and sophistication. Whether illuminating the night sky with a solo performance or integrated into a larger display, it creates magical memories that guests will cherish for years to come.

Witness the Magic:

Experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh firsthand by watching the accompanying video. See how its breathtaking effects and dynamic performance come together to create a symphony of light and color that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

OMG WHAT A Firework!!


So many different effects and firing formations , absolutely FANTASTIC !!

Shots 253 , Just watch the video for yourself ,


Nec Weight  4000 grams 

Duration 90 Seconds 

Wider Effects 

Brighter colours

Fast Tempo

The 30 mm bore size tubes has the same effect has a 50 mm bore size effects 

Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh is created by Klasek Fireworks and has 253 shots. We recommend that this firework is fired at a safe distance of 25 metres away from your spectators.

Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh is a fanned firework. This means it will fire at an angle, so please ensure you have enough space either side for the firework to clear trees, fences and any other obstacles.

Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh has a noise rating of 5/5 which is one of our loudest fireworks. The bangs and whooshes of Pyrotechnology 2020 253sh will be heard far and wide, and your audience will be shocked at the pure noise of this firework! Not for the faint hearted!

The duration of this firework is approximately 90 seconds.


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