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This Professional Box Set 5 consists of 54 different rockets, a absolutely mega selection of quality and vivid effects and colours , ideal for any garden display!

These contains High flash 1.3G rockets with HUGE single bursts!

8x 70g (powder weight) rockets, 4x 47.8g and 6x 44g rockets with different effects.

70g rockets:
2x Green ring with red plum pistil
2x Gold to chrysanthemum & green glitter pistil
2x Blue to red star & white glitter pistil
2x Gold willow to red

47.8g rockets:
2x Brocade to blue
2xTitanium gold coconut chrysanthemum pistil

44g rockets:
2x Gold willow to green & red glitter pistil
2x Brocade & white glitter
2x Brocade & white glitter

Safety distance: 25 metres (Cat 3)
Noise level: 5/5

This Display Box of Rockets consists of 1.3G and 1.4G type rockets, with effects from Golden Glitter , Crackling,Red Wave ,Brocade Crown, Green Strobe, Silver Chrysanthemum, Red Dahlia Coralla, Red Strobe Gold Willow, Blue White Strobe, Red Dahlia,Red Glitter and Crackle, Green Dahlia and Red Strobe, Purple Dahlia and White Strobe, Yellow Peony and Time Rain, Red and White Strobe, Yellow Peony and Green Glitter,White and Red Strobe,Gold Glitter Willow,White Glitter and Blue Peony,Gold Palm and Green Glitter, White Strobe and Red Strobe with Blue Stars, and many many more effects!!

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