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Insanity Rocket Pack by Celtic Fireworks:

Overview: The Insanity Rocket Pack from Celtic Fireworks is a comprehensive assortment of high-quality rockets designed to deliver a spectacular aerial display. Each rocket is crafted to showcase vibrant colors, dazzling effects, and impressive performance, making it a standout choice for fireworks enthusiasts and celebratory events.


  • The pack includes multiple rockets featuring a variety of effects:
    • Vivid Colors: Rockets burst into vibrant hues of reds, greens, blues, and golds, creating a visually stunning showcase in the night sky.
    • Crackling Stars: Many rockets emit crackling stars upon explosion, adding a dynamic and auditory dimension to the display.
    • Glittering Brocades: Some rockets produce glittering brocade effects, featuring cascading sparks that form a sparkling canopy in the air.


  • Net Explosive Content (NEC) Weight: Each rocket is designed with a specific NEC weight, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and optimal performance.
  • Duration: The duration of the Insanity Rocket Pack varies depending on individual rocket effects and the number of rockets included, typically providing an extended display of several minutes.
  • Safety Distance: A safety distance of at least 8 meters should be maintained between spectators and the launch site to ensure safety during ignition and flight.
  • Noise Level: While the rockets produce dynamic visual effects, they also emit loud reports upon explosion. Spectators should be aware of the noise level and enjoy the display from a safe distance.

Safety and Handling:

  • Prior to use, ensure the rockets are securely placed in stable launchers or tubes designed for rockets to facilitate safe and predictable flight paths.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for setup and ignition procedures, using a long-reach lighter or electronic firing system from a safe distance.
  • Conduct launches in a clear, open area free from obstructions and flammable materials, adhering to local laws and regulations regarding fireworks usage.

Audience Appeal:

  • The Insanity Rocket Pack appeals to a diverse audience, including families celebrating special occasions and professionals organizing large-scale events.
  • Its combination of vibrant colors, crackling stars, and glittering brocades ensures a captivating and memorable fireworks experience that leaves a lasting impression on spectators.

Conclusion: The Insanity Rocket Pack by Celtic Fireworks exemplifies excellence in pyrotechnic craftsmanship, offering a thrilling display of colors, effects, and auditory sensations. Whether used for private gatherings or public celebrations, this pack guarantees a breathtaking showcase of fireworks artistry and entertainment.

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