HADES PARTY , Brilliant Firework

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Wow what a Firework from Kimbolton Fireworks, so many different effects and firing patterns just awesome.
Stand back in awe and watch the incredible Hades Party from Kimbolton.

Effects are ;

Gold tail to gold willow and gold glittering.

Gold wave comets.

Blue tail split white glittering with red pearls.

Green tail to green star blue and white glittering.

Blue tail to brocade and gold glittering.

Gold tail to gold spider and green glittering.

Gold tail to green coconut and red glittering

Gold tail to brocade and ti-gold coconut

Gold tail to brocade and gold chrysanthemum



It is obvious when you see fireworks like these why Kimbolton are held in such high esteem by pyromaniacs and the public alike. From the quality of the bursts through to the bright, vivid colours I would challenge anybody to find me a better-quality single ignition.

Hades Party would fit perfectly into any larger display. It has a gorgeous fanned spread filling the sky with golden plumes and silver strobes. It goes with a good kick showing how much power is behind every shot. It has a remarkably interesting and varied firing pattern with 'Z' shape firing, 'V' shape firing and 'W' shape firing. And finally, it has an impressive duration. You cannot find a better all-rounder.

Safety Distance 25m

98 Shots

Straight and Fanned formation

Nec 998.4g

Noise Level 5/5

Duration 80 Seconds

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