Gender Reveal Boy Firework

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Brand New for 2022

Vulcan Gender Reveal Cake – BOY / BLUE

Brand new for 2022!

It has become a modern trend to turn a gender reveal into an occasion, with expecting parents opting to celebrate the news with loved ones before the little one has arrived. I mean, is there a more exicting way to do this than with fireworks?

Ejects 36 shots of blue coloured tails and blue coloured stars to a height of 25 meters .

These brilliant Gender Reveal Cakes are a great way to surprise family, friends or even yourself ( if you didn’t want to know until now ) the gender of your unborn baby! Vibrant colours & easy to use. Also available in Pink.

Pyromould®  Fireworks are Eco-friendly!

• Pyromould consists of plant fiber, starch and calcite.

• These components are 100% recyclable!

Powder Weight 234 g

Shots 36

Bore Size 20 mm

Cat F2


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