Blue Smiley Face Rocket x 1 Gender Reveal ( PICK UP FROM STORE ONLY, CALL STORE )

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Blue Smiley Face Rocket Gender Reveal is created by Vivid Pyrotechnics and has 1 shots. We recommend that this firework is fired at a safe distance of 25 metres away from your spectators.

Blue Smiley Face Rocket Gender Reveal is a straight-firing firework. This means it will fire straight up into the sky. Perfect if you have obstacles either side of the firing space, but have a large opening overhead.

This firework has a noise rating of 3/5 which is one of our mid noise rated fireworks. It will go off with the traditional sounds of fireworks - adding to the beautiful visual effects in the sky.

The duration of this firework is approximately 8 seconds.

Need some help deciding if Blue Smiley Face Rocket Gender Reveal is the right firework for you? We offer FREE expert advice on this, and EVERY firework in our range - get in touch and we will help you select the perfect fireworks for your event!

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