Are Roman candles safe to hold in your hand?

You should never hold any kind of firework in your hand, including a Roman candle. Although these are typically smaller than other fireworks, they are still explosives and can cause serious harm if in close quarters to you.

Always follow the instructions on the label and adhere to any warnings given.

Are Roman candles illegal?

Here in the UK, Roman candle fireworks are perfectly legal for use in fireworks displays. It is however important to adhere to UK health and safety laws to ensure that you are using the fireworks appropriately, and safely at all times.

How to use Roman candles?

Due to the size and weight of most Roman candles, it’s important that you secure them properly before lighting the fuse. We advise that you set the Roman candle firework in a bucker of sand, or safely in the ground and a good distance away from any people or items that could catch fire easily.

Never aim your Roman candle towards trees, buildings, animals or other people. It is advised that you tilt your Roman candle on a 45-degree angle, with the fuse pointing up for easy access to the fuse.

Once lit, be sure to move out of the area immediately, ensuring you’re operating in a clear and open space.