Safely Disposing Fireworks: What You Need to Know

While 2020 isn’t exactly going the way most of us planned it out to go, who knows, maybe the holidays will offer a change of pace and scenery that will warrant the use of fireworks. As part of the yearly tradition of celebrating the holiday season and the new year, people are bound to buy their fireworks online. 

When you buy fireworks in the UK, it doesn’t stop once the smoke clears and the celebration comes to an end. You still have to remember that these are pyrotechnics that can cause large fires and dangerous accidents—especially if not handled properly! While most fireworks are now safer to use as compared to how they were decades ago, there is no denying that not all are made one hundred per cent perfect!

Disposing of Your Pyrotechnics Properly

When disposing of fireworks, think not only about yourself and your family, but also the people who handle the waste the day after, as well as the environment around you. Fireworks contain flammable materials that can still ignite even after they have been used and died out. Additionally, if disposed of wrongly, these can have an impact on the environment around you, as their chemical composition contains some heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. 

The first step to disposing of the fireworks is to ensure that they are waterlogged right after you use them. After they have gone off, it is advisable to wait around 30 minutes to an hour with close monitoring after spraying or dousing it with a bucket of water. Once that period has passed, douse it again and set it aside. Soaking used ordnance in a bucket of water for 15 minutes will also do the trick. This should be done for both used and unused fireworks. 

As soon as you know that everything has been soaked and will not fire anymore, drain the excess water into the toilet and then place the fireworks into a sealable plastic bag. This will help maintain the moisture and keep it from being ignited accidentally. If you want to double bag it, it will help too! This can then be left out for garbage collectors to collect safely. 

If your local community has a fire department, they may also take in unused ordnance for proper disposal or use for local events; as such, instead of just tossing them out, check with these departments first. 

It is important to note that fireworks should never be recycled, even the papers that come with them or the materials they are made of. Always dispose of these properly to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Environment and Fireworks

Fireworks already do some kind of damage to the local environment, which is evident during New Year’s Eve when smoke fills the air due to these pyrotechnics. NASA claims that in America alone, during the Fourth of July celebrations, almost 50 per cent of air pollution is noticeably caused by fireworks! 

While they are not good for the air, we can do our part to ensure that we dispose of them properly to conserve the environment on the ground. 


Fireworks are always a fun experience for any celebration or party—but it is all fun and games only until someone gets hurt! To be a responsible citizen, always treat fireworks with respect, dispose of them properly, and ensure that those who take them to be disposed of are safe as well!

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