How to Take Photos of Firework Displays - Our Guide

Have you ever seen anything more spectacular than seeing a firework display? It’s truly beautiful and awe-inspiring! Not only do you get excited about the colours against the black domed sky, but you also enjoy the booming sounds and various tingling effects it brings. 

When it comes to this, you might think about capturing the moments and freeze them in time through photos. This is where firework photography comes into the picture. Yet, before taking the plunge, keep in mind that it may not be easy the first time around. If you are still not well-versed in the art, you may end up with blurry pictures, and it’s rather hard to get decent ones!

Fret not; we’ve rounded up some tips on how to take photos of a firework display:

1. Invest in or use a quality camera

Remember that the quality of your images depends on your camera's quality. The better the specifications are, the higher quality the pictures will be. However, you don’t necessarily have to invest in a standard digital camera—or DSLR, for that matter. Even your mobile phone can do the job, as long as it has superior camera features! So, if you’re looking to take photos of your firework display, be sure to use a good camera.

2. Find the perfect location 

The location where you’ll take a shot will make a difference in your photo quality. As having a firework display usually involves lots of people seeing them, you may want to find the perfect spot that has fewer people around. Be sure to scout for the best position before the actual firework display because the last thing you want to see in your photos is the half heads of people. You should also use a tripod to keep your camera sturdy and steady as you take the shot to produce crisp and sharp images.

3. Be aware of the focal length

It’s important as well to pay particular attention to the focal length—or point of focus. Keep in mind that once the firework display kicks off, there are many things going on in the sky. For this reason, you want to make sure that you have the perfect shot of certain parts and particular moments. The trick here is to have your camera ready and focused on a certain part of the sky.

4. Check your camera setting and experiment with it

Another important tip is to be well-acquainted with your camera setting. The chances are that there are certain features specialised for night capture or firework display, such as an automatic long exposure function that you can use to your advantage. Even mobile phones now have remarkable camera features that can provide you with great images. Just be sure to experiment with your camera and play around with the settings till you get what works for your situation.

5. Switch your flash off and go in manual mode

The last thing to do is to switch your flash off and go in manual mode. Why? If the flash is off, it will help create a better picture all around. On the other hand, capturing moments in manual mode enables you to make the necessary adjustments, and as mentioned, this is where shutter speed comes into the picture. Depending on the surrounding and the ambient light, you will need to use a slower shutter speed and adjust it during the first few shots. That way, you'll be able to lock on your settings early on to get the best photos before the smoke for the fireworks thickens!


At this point, you now know how to get the perfect shot for your firework display! As outlined above, all it takes is to invest in or use a quality camera, find the perfect location, be aware of the focal length, check your camera setting and experiment with it, and switch your flash off and go in manual mode. With all these key steps, you’ll end up capturing the best firework moments and immortalise them in time through sharp photos!

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