5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During a Fireworks Display

For many of us, watching a fireworks display can be a fascinating and thrilling experience. The loud booms get our hearts pumping, and the dazzling lights that fill the sky can leave anyone in awe.

Unfortunately, our pets do not share the same love we have for fireworks. More often than not, our furry friends get stressed and hide once the fireworks get going. This is mostly due to their sensitive hearing, making fireworks quite a traumatic experience. 

To ensure your pets stay safe and calm when the fireworks go off, here is a list of what you will need to do:

Stay home with your pets or leave them there

If you are not too thrilled about fireworks and your pets need your company when the display starts, you can consider staying home with them.

If you want to go out to look at the fireworks, do not bring your pets along. Bringing them close to the light show will only make them more anxious. They might also run aimlessly and hurt themselves in the process.

Get your pets to exercise beforehand

When your pets get in some exercise before the fireworks start, they tend to be a lot calmer and less excitable. They can even sleep through the entire show, as they might be too tired to get anxious over all the commotion. 

Update your pet's collars

In case your pet runs away, you need to make sure that their collar is up to date. This means updating contact information on the collar if it has changed. If your pet has a microchip, have that updated to ensure that your pet makes their way back home if someone finds them wandering around.

Consider using a sedative or anxiety-reducing wearables

If your pet gets extremely anxious, you can bring them over to the veterinarian to sedate them for the time being. If this is not an option, you can opt for anxiety-reducing wearables to help, such as the Thundershirt. It works by applying pressure on parts of your pet's body to help them feel calmer.

Place your pets in an enclosed room 

While your home can offer some sense of protection for your pet, a firework display near the house can cause them to jump through windows and furniture. This can seriously injure your pet and require a visit to the vet. It also means you will have to repair whatever they damage. 

To avoid these situations, have your pet stay in an enclosed room, preferably one without any windows. The walls will muffle the sound of the fireworks and prevent your pet from running away.


While fireworks can signal a great time for you and your human friends, your animal friends will need to be cared for. Remember the tips above and do not forget to use them before the fireworks start. That way, you can go about enjoying the display to the fullest without stressing out your pets and running into any problems yourself.

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