What's the Right Fireworks Display Duration for Every Event?

Most fireworks creator, if not all, encounter this question many times—how long should my firework display last? It's a valid question any customers can ask because fireworks display makes an event memorable. Its impact may change depending on how long the show will go or what part of the programme it will take place. The duration would also affect how much the total cost would be, so knowing the right answer to that question can help the decision-makers in so many ways. 

In this article, we'll try to tell you everything you need to know to answer this concern.

The length of the fireworks display all depends on the following factors:

  • The kind of event or activity you're eyeing to have 
  • The type of display you want
  • Your budget 

Here are the general guidelines for fireworks display based on the size of the event you'll have.

Small display for small-sized events

Small events refer to the standard family events happening at the back garden up to a larger private party set in a hotel. For these kinds of events, here are the types of fireworks you can use:

  • Fountains
  • Roman candles
  • Catherine wheels
  • Small rockets
  • Multishot fireworks

Fireworks in these relaxed events often come in place when the guests simply want to have something to watch or do while eating or while taking a break. They sometimes have the freedom to choose which firework to light up next. Fireworks display in this kind of setting can last for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. 

Medium-sized display for medium events

For a slightly bigger event, having a more structured fireworks display is ideal. Your fireworks should also be impressive. The perfect length for this kind of presentation is around 10 minutes. It is so guests would not need to stand up in your garden for too long. The grand display can already compensate for the short display time. They will surely be satisfied watching the beautiful fireworks even if it is just a short show.

The shorter display would also be beneficial if you'll hold your event in a quiet neighbourhood or a rural area. 

Large displays for big events

Large displays refer to crowds with more than 100 attendees. It can be a national event, a wedding, a public gathering, or corporate event. For this type of occasion, a display of no longer than 20 minutes is recommended. In weddings, a firework display would usually last between six to 15 minutes. For public or corporate events, you can have long shows of up to 20 minutes. 

Your firework display also needs to be grand and well-planned. To keep your guests' attention, you should ensure that your fireworks would have high impact, show a barrage of colours, and should be accompanied by fantastic music.

If you're using the fireworks to open a grand event, then you need to have a more extended fireworks display, but if it will be part of the closing ceremony, three to four minutes would be adequate. 


Longer firework displays do not always mean that it's better. The beauty of the whole show would still depend on many factors: what you're celebrating, who you are celebrating with, the fireworks you're using, and how everything would turn out. Before holding a fireworks display, always remember to notify your neighbours ahead.

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