How You Can Enjoy Rocket Fireworks Displays From The Water

Local communities and neighbourhoods around the UK are elevating the way they do firework displays. They upped the ante by having everyone view these rocket fireworks from the comforts of a boat. The mix of brilliant pyrotechnics painting the night sky is made even more scenic and special when viewed from a boat.

But what exactly does it take to recreate this explosive success? 

This guide is here to help aspiring fireworks lovers like you pull off a successful fireworks show from the water. The goal is to make sure you elevate prior firework displays in your community and also account for the safety and welfare of everyone. This is to also make sure viewers of all ages can come together and celebrate. 

Essentials for Watching Fireworks From the Water

The following list are the things you need to secure before even thinking to dazzle anyone with a spectacular fireworks display from the water: 

The best fireworks: Of course you don’t just want any old rocket fireworks. You have to choose the most brilliantly colourful and visually stunning displays that are ideal for reflections on the water. Thankfully, you can conveniently purchase fireworks online without ever having to rush last minute to the store. 

The best appetizers or shooters: Aside from the display itself, play off the ambiance by serving up some choice shooters or appetizers for your community. For something on the water, going with seafood shooters and caviar canapes can get the viewing party started. 

An open space by the water: You want to place your boat on a body of water that will make viewing fireworks easy to view. Additionally, you don’t want to pick a location that is filled with tall buildings or trees that block the view and can be fire hazards. 

A secure and fun boat: Don’t pick just any old boat. Account for the weight capacity and allowable number of people that can be on board. If you cannot ensure the safety on one boat, book one or two more so that it’s safe and not crammed. 

A professional skipper: Choose a boat captain who you can rely on as they maneuver through the water at just the right time and place when you set off the fireworks. 

Safety Precautions for Watching Fireworks From the Water

Now that you have all the equipment needed, take account of these precautions to truly cap off a successful event: 

  • Don’t get too hammered: Be a responsible host by being proactively socialising but not succumbing to any drinks. You need to be alert at all times to make sure everything is in order. 
  • Provide everyone with inflatable life jackets: If you truly want to keep everyone safe, especially when there are children on board, supply enough life jackets just in case. 
  • Make good use of the clear night sky: By a long shot, a night sky is the most ideal for this kind of event. Make sure to check the weather and secure a timeslot that will cater exclusively to your event. 
  • Have a fire extinguisher ready: Just in case there is either an onboard fire or something goes wrong with the fireworks, always have the necessary fire safety tools to flush out the flames easily. Additionally, take note of the numbers of emergency authorities.
  • Plot out a safe distance for the fireworks: Just because fireworks are more spectacular up close doesn’t mean you should trigger them close to your guests. Consider a safe distance for your guests to enjoy the display. 
  • Set your cameras on night mode: Encourage the use of cameras but have them turn off the flash so as not to disrupt anyone else’s evening. 
  • Have fun!: Being a great host also means being able to rub elbows with your guests. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! 

  • Conclusion

    Pulling off a successful fireworks display with the addition of viewing it from a boat is truly a night worth remembering. Make sure you have everything properly planned out and pick out the best UK pyrotechnics to dazzle your guests! 

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