Playing with Fire Safely: Our Guide to Your Safety When Buying Fireworks

Fireworks are a staple of many celebrations around the world - from lighting up the night sky to celebrate Independence Day or as a colourful hallmark of New Year’s tradition. Everything from world-famous shows to private displays, the mesmerising lights, and glitters have always had a magical lure. 

Shopping for fireworks can be exciting, especially for families planning to put on a show in their neighbourhood. The internet is a treasure trove that can point you to a wide range of sellers but finding a reputable retailer that complies with your state’s safety regulations can be tricky. 

In between the online vendors compelling buyers with dirt-cheap prices, weeding them out from the trusted and legitimate retailer is crucial if you want to avoid potential accidents in the making. 

Understanding the Different Categories When Buying the Right Fireworks For You 

You don’t need to be a professional handler to work with fireworks, but there are different options in the market that suit specific situations. The British Standard for Fireworks (BS 7114), for instance, created a guideline that separated your choices into four distinct categories: 

    • Category 1 (Indoor Fireworks) - One of the safest and lightest fireworks to use for the public, this is best for families who want to set off a colourful yet safe light show in extremely tight, restricted places. Low-smoke sparklers, for instance, are excellent for adding a glamorous touch to a moment worth highlighting.
    • Category 2 (Garden Fireworks) - Arguably the easiest to access for the general masses, garden fireworks are a go-to choice as it is a low-hazard choice that can make a spectacle out of small gardens. Of course, viewers need to be at least 8 meters away, but 15 meters is the safest distance. 
    • Category 3 (Display Fireworks) - These are for consumers who can throw grand celebrations in a large, open field - be it to add a magical pizzazz to outdoor weddings or to massive-scale parties. 
    • Category 4 (Professional Fireworks) - These are the most dramatic displays that are meant to wow audiences in a show, like nighttime spectaculars and grand light shows from professional settings like Disneyworld. It’s not open for public use and can only be lit up if you have the proper training.

The Bottom Line: Start Your Celebrations With a Bang and Peace of Mind 

Gearing up for colourful occasions like the Fourth of July, New Year, and other grand parties won’t be complete without painting the sky with fireworks. It’s a glitter-fest display that fills the night with oohs and aahs, but playing with fire without precaution can lead to a devastating backfire. 

It’s easier to determine quality from shady shops in the streets, but it takes more practice and precaution when shopping for fireworks online. 

Buying from a reputable seller is just as crucial, especially since it can significantly impact the selection’s quality. With Lets Party Fireworks, we can offer a unique and legal selection of fireworks perfect for all occasions. Get in touch with us and see how we can help brighten up your parties.