What is It About Fireworks That Makes Us Feel a Certain Way?

A significant element to include in celebrations are fireworks. Fireworks have a way of making people feel happy and emotional, elevates people's moods and helps them enjoy the occasion even more. The fantastic thing about fireworks is there are different kinds for various events. Wedding fireworks and sparklers are one, and even birthday celebrations incorporate fireworks in their programs. 

In America, the Fourth of July is one of the public holidays that always incorporate fireworks. Having fireworks on this day is a great way to cap off the Independence Day celebration. People step out in the sun and anchor their boats along the pier and enjoy a day full of barbeque, drinks and fireworks. 

Meanwhile, in the UK, there are various occasions where fireworks are part of the celebration. These types of occasions are called bonfire nights and are usually a gathering of people. One of the popular bonfire nights in the UK is the Guy Fawkes Night, an event that commemorates the day when the plot of blowing up the House of Parliament was discovered.

These celebrations usually have fireworks going off for hours to elevate people’s spirits and set them in an incredibly pleasant mood. But what makes fireworks so unique? Why are we smiling when we see them take off? Here's a list on why we get happy when we see fireworks:

It gives us a certain feeling

The feeling you associate when you watch fireworks is the reason you feel different emotions. For example, when weddings fireworks are set off, you feel a sentiment of love and happiness associated with that event. 

During Guy Fawkes, you get a feeling of thanksgiving for a failed attempt to overthrow the Parliament. Additionally, during New Year's day, you get a sense of gratitude for new beginnings. This is why people are usually more emotional during New Year's day because it is a fresh start with new chances and opportunities, and fireworks trigger those emotions. 

It's the experience that brings joy

Aside from the fact that you are celebrating an occasion, fireworks can take you back in time and bring back happy memories. Sometimes, when you watch fireworks, you can get nostalgic because there is something about explosions in the sky that can trigger these emotions.

Most people are exposed to fireworks at a very young age. When you're young and see these powerful and beautiful sky art, it will remain in your thoughts for years. You are not only keeping a visual memory, but the emotion you felt during that time. This is why when you're older, fireworks have a way of pulling your heartstrings and make you feel sentimental.


One way to make your celebration memorable is by incorporating fireworks in your event. These colourful explosions won't only give your party some light; it can also trigger happy emotions with the people you are celebrating with. If you're looking to get fireworks, local fireworks shops will often have a wide selection and sales clerks who can help you with your needs. Give your family and friends a night to remember! Add joy to your celebration with bursts of light and colour through some fireworks.

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