7 Tips For Staying Safe While Playing With Fireworks

Fireworks are a great way to add some sparkle to any celebration, be it a birthday or a national holiday. When the lights illuminate the sky, a regular night instantly turns into one both memorable and exciting. As enjoyable as fireworks may be, they come with a risk. You’re just one small misstep away from someone getting hurt. Fireworks pose all sorts of hazards, from burns to blast injuries. 

You don’t have to swear off fireworks entirely, but it’s integral to know how to handle them safely. Doing so allows you to end the night with wonderful sparkling colours rather than a trip to the emergency room.

Here are seven fireworks safety tips you need to know if you’ll be setting some off anytime soon: 

1. Have the Kids Watch From a Distance 

Fireworks may be pretty, but they’re not something for kids to play with. Rockets, sparklers, and the like should only be handled by adults. They are extremely hot, not to mention explosive, putting the kids at high risk of injury.

If your little ones want to play with lights of their own, consider getting them battery-powered light toys instead.

2. Only Purchase Legal Fireworks 

While most fireworks you can buy are regulated and legal, there are still some that are illegal. Illegal fireworks are the type of fireworks that are more likely to result in injury since they don’t meet a certain standard. 

To spot an illegal firework, look for the manufacturer's label. If it is missing, it is illegal. Furthermore, buy fireworks from reliable sellers who can guarantee quality products. 

3. Check With Your Local Police Department Beforehand 

If you are planning to play with fireworks at home, be sure to check with the local police department. You may find fireworks to be illegal in your neighborhood and a visit from the police will only put a damper on the night. Check the legality of fireworks in your area and make sure you set them up in a safe place that won’t cause too much disruption to any neighbors. 

4. Don't Make DIY Fireworks

Do not ever try to make DIY fireworks. Professionals have years of expertise and equipment to keep them safe while they work with explosives. Doing this at home can put you at risk of an injury, not to mention the outcome of a finished firework might turn out differently than what you expect.

5. Avoid Pointing Fireworks at Anyone 

This is common sense, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. When you point a firework at someone, it is an accident waiting to happen. Even if you are just doing it as a joke, it is highly recommended you never point a firework at anyone, lit or not. This also applies to throwing fireworks.

6. Aim Fireworks Away From Flammable Objects 

Avoid aiming your firework at your home, trees, or anything else that is flammable. Remember—fireworks are extremely hot and could start a big fire very quickly!

7. Keep Your Pets Indoors 

Your pets have sensitive ears, and the explosions caused by fireworks can cause them to panic and run away. To keep them safe from injury and not get lost, keep them indoors.


Fireworks are full of fun, but safety should always be number one. Keep all the tips we have shared with you at heart, and you will be able to play with fireworks as safely as possible. There are other tips you can also employ, such as keeping a bucket of water nearby to throw in fireworks when they are used up or to put out a fire. Nevertheless, by thoroughly preparing for a night of fireworks, you can make sure everyone can enjoy the bright, colourful sparklers without worry.

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