3 Ways to Cure Your Kids' Fear of Fireworks Spectacles

Children can develop a fear of fireworks displays, which is a shame since they might not want to attend festive events because of it. The combination of different sensations from the loud noise to the sparkling lights can be too overwhelming for a child. Thankfully, there are ways to help them manage their unfamiliar experiences to turn it into a cure for their fear.

How to help your child overcome their fear of fireworks

It’s not uncommon for children to develop a fear of fireworks since it’s a collection of different stimulants. An excellent way to help your child overcome their fears is to anticipate the multiple sensations they’ll feel, from the booming sounds to the bright display of firecrackers. This will help them feel less afraid of the unknown and become more welcoming when witnessing fireworks displays.

In this article, we will share three ways to cure your child’s fear of fireworks.

1. Associate positive emotions with fireworks

One way to calm your child is to let them process the loudness of the explosions. It can help to compare the booming of the pyrotechnics with sounds that they’re already familiar with, such as car horns, fire alarms and thunder.

Ask them to emulate the sounds and react accordingly with goofy responses. This will help them associate the loud sound with a positive memory with you. The next time you’re about to hear a firecracker, you should react with them at the same time so that they won’t focus on the loudness. Instead, they will attribute it to the memory of your wacky expression.

2. Turn fireworks watching into a game

Jumping is a typical reaction for children when they’re surprised. When hearing firecrackers for the first time, they can jump out of shock due to the loud boom. One way to help them get over their instinctual response is to do it with them. Instead of reminding them of their fear response, you should let them think of jumping as a game.

Children can process things easier if they see it in the form of a game. You should tell them about the game beforehand so that they can anticipate the loud booms. Playing the game with them will help them get in the mood to enjoy the display in the air as they get some exercise on the ground.

3. Purchase the right protective gear

Sometimes, games might not be the best solution to cure their aversion to fireworks, especially if your child has sensitive ears. Because of this, you should buy the right gear to protect them from the loud sounds. You can purchase sound-cancelling headphones or earplugs so that they won’t feel hurt while watching a fireworks display.

If the sound isn’t the stimulus that’s hurting your child, it could be the booming vibrations throughout their body. If they’re feeling pain, it might be better to move away from the launch pad of the pyrotechnics. Additionally, you can purchase a child compression vest, which prevents them from feeling sensory overload to their bodies.


It’s part of your responsibility as a parent to introduce your child to different things in the world. This can be in the form of objects, food or experiences. Helping your children get over their fear of fireworks can help them enjoy its beauty as a spectacular celebration of festivities with any holiday.

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