Vibe Check: Mixing Music & Fireworks

Fireworks are a great way to display a show of lights and explosions during an event. They can even be bought to match the tempo and flow of the music being played. Different variations of fireworks have varying effects, which can be beneficial to the entire theme of the event. Being part and parcel of traditions like New Year’s Eve, birthdays, weddings, and other significant events, fireworks have become an important aspect of human life. 

When choosing fireworks to match an event’s theme in terms of the music, it pays to take note of what effect the pyrotechnic product gives off. Modern fireworks offer a wide range of products that can be perfect to pair with certain types of music, which will be discussed here:

The General Rule of Thumb

Every musical genre is known for a particular type of beat and tempo. The mood a song gives off can evoke certain emotions, which will only be intensified with pyrotechnics. It would not make sense to match an explosive and fast-firing firework product with a genre like melodic house, which has a slow, pulsating tempo. Likewise, slow and vibrant fireworks will not look good when paired with loud music like rock and metal. 

Generally, the rule of thumb with fireworks is to use subtle and graceful pyrotechnics for relaxing and calmer tempo music, while the explosions and big bangs are for louder ones. This will ensure that the vibe of the entire event is consistent and people can dance and feel the beats coursing through them. 

Different Kinds of Music and Fireworks for These

Different events have matching music to go with them. Music festivals that have artists who give off a chilled out vibe will have different needs for fireworks compared to a metal concert that has a mosh pit event. For smaller-scale events, wedding finales will look great with upbeat songs that will allow guests to dance the night away. Additionally, electronic music festivals look great with certain types of pyrotechnics that will signify when the beat drops, which is what will make the crowd go wild! 

Here is a guide that will assist you in matching your event music to the fireworks that will leave the audience in awe:

Electronic Dance Music

EDM music is often synonymous with lights and sounds that push party-goers into a state of hype or trance. This means combining flashy fireworks that are bright and have a powerful effect will play in nicely with the beat drops of the genre. Notice how EDM has a specific consistent tempo that keeps listeners in the mood to keep jumping and moving in fluid motions. The right type of fireworks for this genre would be fountain fireworks, as there are no pops and bangs to distract people from the beat. 

Rock & Roll or Metal

These genres need plenty of dynamics in fireworks and lights to keep the energy high and going. Loud noises often pair best with a high-energy level set of fireworks. Pyrotechnics with loud cracks and bangs, as well as plenty of lights will energise the crowd, giving them something to jam to. These mean mosh pits and head-banging music will be supplemented well with an amazing barrage of fireworks

House Music

House music sessions normally go well with a light and atmospheric set of fireworks. If the event is by the beach and towards dusk, this goes well with a few quiet, colourful fireworks that can liven up the vibe of the music session. 


Music is powerful on its own, but you can intensify the impact by matching the beat with fireworks. In doing so, you’ll boost the atmospheric vibe to complement the overall experience and mood. Consider buying fireworks online to change the way music and events pair together. So what are you waiting for? Buy fireworks today for your next event!

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