How to Plan a Fireworks Display for Your Event - Our Guide

Planning an event requires you to prepare for different logistical concerns, such as booking venues, contacting catering services, and even printing out invitations. Regardless of the kind of party that you have, what will make it spark is the inclusion of a spectacular pyrotechnic display at the end of your program. However, adding a fireworks display as a climax to your special occasion isn’t as simple as adding a new item to your menu.

Planning a fireworks display at your event

Going for a fantastic presentation also means that you should be aware of the weight of its logistical requirements. As an event planner, you must promote safety whether your lights display is a small set of ground firecrackers or an all-out night sky spectacle. Since you’re handling pyrotechnics, you have to follow precautionary measures to avoid any accidents.

In this article, we will share five tips to help you plan a safe and impressive fireworks display for your event.

1. Read up on your laws

Different countries and regions have varying guidelines for consumer-grade fireworks. Some places regard anything as small as a cherry bomb as illegal to purchase, much less to set off. This is necessary when you’re picking out the venue for your event. If you’re planning to host it within a suburb, you may need to contact the homeowners’ association so that you won’t raise any potential false alarms for the fire department.

2. Set a budget ceiling for your logistics

Once you know the venues where you can and can’t launch fireworks, your next objective is to settle on your budget. Doing so will help you set a limit on how much pyrotechnics you can purchase and how long you want your show length should be. It’s best to allot a projected cost ceiling for all your expenses so that you won’t have to reallocate the costs from one logistical requirement to another.

3. Assign your event’s show layout

After booking your venue, you need to designate the best place to hold your display. Pay extra attention to any surrounding buildings, vegetation and other fire hazards. Make sure that your launchpad should be at a safe distance from your spectators’ watch area. Although safety measurement varies from location to location, set a 75-feet distance for small ground effects and 70 feet per tube inch if you’re using aerial shells.

4. Invest in a computerised firing system

Besides purchasing your fireworks, you should also have a computerised firing system to sync up your pyrotechnics. You don’t have to spend on a complex unit that commercial displays use. Thankfully, there are mobile handheld electric firing devices that are great for smaller events. Although you can hand-fire your fireworks, you should rehearse it a couple of times before doing so at the actual ceremony.

5. Set a compact show length

The longer the duration of the fireworks displays, the more costly they are. Your budget ceiling will help you avoid overspending by giving you an idea of your show length. People’s attention span for pyrotechnics don’t have to be that long. Anything longer than 30 minutes is overkill, especially since it will be more expensive on your budget. 

Learn how to maximise your pyrotechnics, whether you’re using Roman Candles, rockets or fountains. Pacing plays a crucial role in your display, which is why you can do less with more if you know how to set your fireworks right. Keep in mind that it’s better to have an exhilarating 10-minute display than a slow and dull 15-minute spectacle.


Adding fireworks is an excellent way to cap off a memorable event. However, a responsible event planner should know the ins and outs of using pyrotechnics before including it in their event’s lineup. Remember to keep these guidelines in mind and purchase only high-quality products to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your guests.

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