The Difference Between Good and Bad Quality Fireworks

Fireworks are a fantastic way to make a celebration memorable. There is something about looking at colourful explosions in the sky that pulls at everyone's heartstring and injects more joy in the occasion. However, fireworks are not always fun and can even be dangerous. This can only happen when you buy bad quality fireworks.

When you are hasty about purchasing fireworks, you may overlook important factors that tell you about their quality. Low-quality fireworks are incredibly risky, especially when there are children around. Sadly, some people do not know the difference between good-quality fireworks from bad ones in fireworks shops, and end up buying faulty ones. 

Choosing the right fireworks should not be challenging since it's relatively easy. If you are planning to buy fireworks for an event, this article will inform you of what you should look out for to find good-quality fireworks. 

Check the physical composition of the fireworks

The fireworks’ physical aspects say a lot about their quality and what you can expect from them. Most low-quality fireworks have loose parts and can pose potential threats when you light them up.

Loose parts and faulty assembly should be reason enough to drop those fireworks and look for a better alternative. If you use these low-quality fireworks, they can explode way earlier than the expected duration, which can ultimately lead to accidents. 

When looking for fireworks, make sure you ask for assistance from the sales clerk at your local fireworks shop. They will usually allow you to inspect the product before buying it because they understand the potential risks involved. 

Another tip is to research the different fireworks available in the market before purchasing them. This way, you will be aware of the risks of each firework, especially when they are of low quality. 

Good-quality fireworks have long cannon fuses

As mentioned earlier, your fireworks’ physical aspects play a massive part in determining the difference between a good-quality firework from a bad. Good-quality fireworks often have a long fuse with three or more protective layers surrounding it. These three layers are significant because they provide mechanical strength, water resistance, and hold the firework efficiently to prevent it from falling apart. 

Additionally, good quality fireworks have thick-walled and protected shells and mortars bound tightly to each other. This protects your fireworks from breakage and faulty explosions.

Again, it is always a good idea to ask for assistance and buy products from a reputable fireworks shop to ensure you are given the best quality fireworks. You must examine the physical composition of your fireworks because their quality is usually determined by these factors.


Finding the best-quality fireworks is not that challenging, especially if you remember these key points. When you need fireworks for your event, always remember that aside from how they will look during the program, what matters most is their quality. Although making your event memorable is one of the highest priorities in your celebration, keeping everyone safe should be number one. 

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