Setting a Tune: 5 Songs to Match with Your Fireworks Display

Fireworks displays aren't complete without the accompaniment of an excellent tune to match the explosions in the night sky. Don't worry about seeing Katy Perry's Firework for the 1,000th time on these lists because we'll show you a wide selection of tunes and moods to match your night for lighting exhibitions.

Matching your fireworks display with the right music

The repetitive sequence of colourful explosions in the night sky can get dull over time. Thankfully enough, the addition of musical accompaniment over your well-timed explosions can prevent your lights show spectacle from becoming a bore.

If you're planning to set a bombastic fireworks display, here are five songs to match the sights with sounds:

1. Cherry Bomb by The Runaways

With a title like that, it's bound to end up as an accompaniment to a fireworks display. With VH1 naming it as number 52 of 100 of the greatest hard rock songs, Cherry Bomb proves to be a timeless piece that transcends time. 

The Runaway's 1976 hit is included in their self-titled album, making it a fan-favourite for many filmmakers to add it in their soundtracks. One of its most recent inclusions is in the box-office juggernaut Guardians Of The Galaxy. It's also present in the 2010 biopic, 'The Runaways' starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

2. Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

One of the greatest country hits to land on the radio, this 1963 classic by Johnny Cash is a staple of American culture that made it to the 17th spot of the US's main charts. Although it wasn't as popular in the UK, its cultural impact is still present in the world, with Rolling Stone magazine ranking it as 87th of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

3. Fire by Crazy World of Arthur Brown

This unique entry is the best to listen to with the volume on blast. Released in 1968, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown's Fire is different from its contemporaries due to its unconventional form. It hit the No. 1 spot in the UK and No. 2 in the US due to its unique twist of using the electric organ as the lead instrument for a psychedelic rock song. This psychedelic rock 

single went on to receive international acclaim, selling over 100 million singles upon its release.

4. Fireworks by The Hot Five

Introducing a bit of jazz and brass to your fireworks event, Louis Armstrong's Fireworks is an infamous track before he became known for his big-time hits. Louis's time with The Hot Five allowed him to explore his jazz roots with the traditional trumpet, trombone, and clarinet, backed by a classy rhythm section to get your tap-dancing feet moving.

5. Rocket Man by Elton John

An icon of the British music industry, Elton John's Rocket Man, is what put his career in full motion. Released in 1972 in his album, Honky Chateau, the song rose again in popularity when Kate Bush released a cover that sparked its appeal again in 1991. A No. 2 on the UK charts and No. 6 in the US make it Elton's highest-charting single of all time.


A fireworks display is a smorgasbord for your guests' senses, providing them with an unforgettable experience to cap off the night's events. Adding the right tune to your lights display can amplify the effect of your festivities, making it a good time for everyone all around.

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