How to Waterproof Your Fireworks Safely: A Quick Guide

Special occasions are best wrapped up with a stunning fireworks display that sets the sky alight. However, wet weather can easily ruin everyone’s festive mood, cause you to consider rescheduling your gathering or event, and cancel or postpone your fireworks show. 

Don’t let drizzle, rain, or damp ground hinder you from cheering up your friends and family with fireworks. The show can go on successfully and safely. If you need help in waterproofing your fireworks, then this guide is for you.

What Is the Easiest Method for Waterproofing Fireworks?

Setting off your fireworks on damp ground or while it rains lightly is possible, and best of all, easy. If you’re just experiencing a slight drizzle, all you need to do is to place a plastic bag over your fireworks while you are placing them on the ground. 

Keep in mind though that the plastic bag cover method is a quick fix, which means it won’t always work, especially in cool temperatures. When holding a fireworks display during autumn and winter, condensation can form on the inside of your plastic bag and drip down onto the fuse of your fireworks. 

What Is the Best Way to Waterproof Fireworks?

The plastic bag cover method works only in locations with warmer temperatures and during certain times of the year. To ensure that your family and friends can still witness a lovely fireworks show regardless of the weather, you can waterproof your fireworks by cutting the wrapping or removing the cover or tape to expose the fuse. Afterwards, place a white sticker or fluorescent stick underneath the fuse and protect it from the water with some sellotape. 

Remember that the waterproofing procedure must be completed in a dry, warm place. You also don’t have to remove the cellophane layer or paper wrapping from your fireworks unless stated in the instructions. 

Another way to waterproof your fireworks is by covering them in cling film. Make sure they are wrapped tightly and completely, including their sides and base to prevent the water from seeping through, especially when it rains heavily. Take note that while this hack works for most types of fireworks—fountains, rockets, cake fireworks, wheels, and single ignition fireworks—it is not suitable for mini-missile barrages. 

How Do I Prepare the Firing Site?

Keep your fireworks upright with a stake in the ground and secure them using strong tape. This way, your fireworks will avoid falling over. Light your fireworks in the rain through the cling film. Don’t use regular lighters. Invest in portfire firelighters since they work in all types of weather conditions.

If you have trouble waterproofing your fireworks, you can always reach out to professionals or a reputable fireworks shop for assistance. They are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure that your special occasion is magically concluded with a breathtaking fireworks display.


There’s no need to worry about calling your fireworks show off because of wet weather. By following the steps mentioned above, you can waterproof your fireworks safely and provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience they are sure to remember for years to come. When you need a helping hand waterproofing your fireworks, save yourself from the hassle of doing the task yourself and turn to fireworks professionals instead.

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