How The Two Basic Firework Types Are Produced

Fireworks are some of the most iconic pieces of popular culture in history. They are associated with success, celebration, and all-around good times. Most of us grew up hearing the loud bangs and crackles during celebrations of New Year’s Day and Guy Fawkes. To be honest, nobody really outgrows the fun nature of fireworks. 

Some of us were even protected from “how dangerous” fireworks were to our safety. Those with overprotective parents knew how much it sucked not to be able to buy fireworks or even use them. Our parents did have a point though; fireworks were unpredictable. However, modern-day pyrotechnics are no longer as unsafe as they used to be. 

Modern Fireworks

Decades ago, fireworks often had fewer quality control checks before being sold. Now, when you want to buy cheap fireworks in the UK, things have changed. With better and more researched pyrotechnic compounds put into them, there are fewer chances of misfires and dangers to other people around. 

However, do note that this does not mean they have a 100 per cent safety rating. Fireworks must still be used by an adult, or with supervision from one. Even though it’s a product that’s modified continuously for a thousand years, it’s still an explosive at its core. This means treating the fireworks with respect despite now being safer than they used to be. 

How They Are Made

Fireworks come in different varieties. The two most basic types are firecrackers and sparklers. Firecrackers are the ones that make the loud bangs and crackles in the air, while sparklers shine brightly and pour light sparks out like a fountain. 

These two basic fireworks form the basis for the rest of the variants you see on the market, which is why understanding these will give you a better idea on the products.


This type of firework has rolled paper tubes filled with gunpowder, also known as black powder. They can be filled with flash papers and a fuse to make them sparkle once ignited. Firecrackers are typically lit by a fuse tail that sticks out of the side. When lit, you’ll see it sparking and slowly shortening, which is why you must get to safety once you set it alight. The result is a magical explosion that makes a bang thanks to the gunpowder. 

These types are used in firework shows and large events like music festivals to excite the crowd with all its vibrant lights and sounds. They make for a magical experience and come in aerial fireworks, rockets, and even some handheld tube shooters. 


Sparklers do not make an explosion, which is why they are safe for younger children to use. The sparkle effect lasts for around a minute or two. These are cheap fireworks to buy and can make for a fun event. The best part is that they’re usable at any time of the night thanks to their silent nature.

Products like fountains are large sparklers that spew light and sparks to illuminate the surrounding area. They are silent and will last for a few minutes, but they’re great for children’s birthday parties as some children are sensitive to loud noises.


Fireworks are always going to be a classic way to celebrate an event or life milestone. Many love to buy fireworks online, as they have the chance to enjoy something they were denied as children. Enjoying sparklers or firecrackers are both a great experience as it brings the spirit of celebration to everyone. 

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