Velky Rotavek Ground Spinners ( Complete Box of 16 Packs of 4 Ground Spinners ) WOW!!!

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Fantastic great novelty fireworks 

Complete Box of 16 packs of 4 novelty ground spinners

Total of 64 ground spinners WOW!!!

Similar to the Rotáček, the Velký Rotáček ground spinner colour changes from red to green to yellow. There are 4 spinners in each pack. (you get 16 packs)

PLEASE NOTE : This is a category F1 firework with a 1 metre minimum safety distance but MUST BE USED OUTDOORS. They work best on a solid, flat area such as a patio or driveway, not grassed or uneven areas. Additionally, please also note that it is against the law to let fireworks off in a public place including roadway or path.

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