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New for 2024 Vanquish is a MASSIVE Compound Firework from Hallmark Fireworks.

Prepare to be immersed in an explosion of colour and excitement with Vanquish, the sensational compound fireworks display from Hallmark Fireworks. With an impressive 320 shots packed into a performance lasting 2 minutes and 10 seconds, Vanquish offers a non-stop spectacle of pyrotechnic brilliance that will keep audiences captivated from start to finish.

From the dazzling display of colourful stars to the enthralling effects of the strobes, each shot in Vanquish adds to the dynamic and exhilarating nature of the show. With its weight of 3660 grams, this powerhouse of pyrotechnics ensures that every moment is filled with intensity and excitement.

Vanquish is an immersive experience that transports spectators into a world of wonder and excitement. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, hosting a grand event, or simply seeking an unforgettable experience, Vanquish promises to deliver the thrills and excitement you crave.

Shots 320

Powder Weight 3660g

Duration 130 Seconds 

Hazzard Class 1.3g

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