Fantastic Four

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These are so good , fantastic effects ,WOW what a barrage pack !!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic Four is a new and exclusive barrage pack by the Caractacus Potts Firework Company.
This pack contains 4 separate 50 shot cakes each with 20mm firing tubes, all with different colours and effects.
The names of the cakes are: Mr Fantastic, The Thing, Invisible Woman and Human Torch.

Tube Bore Size 20 mm

Shots 200

Powder Weight 1700g

Safety Distance 8 m

Hazzard Class 1.3g 


This has to be one of the best value-for-money barrage packs in the UK. A new brand for 2022 Caractacus Potts Firework Company (we aren't joking).

As the name suggests this is a pack of four barrages each with a shot count of 50, so 200 shots in total! Not only that this pack is crammed full of powder with a total NEC of 1.7kg, so even with its 20mm tubes it will noticeably outperform its size. 

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