Kracotoa Fountain

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This is a Amazing large conic fountain by Primed Pyrotechnics.

A fantastic 500g fountain that lasts a whopping 80 seconds. This fountain has a beautiful golden spray changing to a stunning display of golden crackle and erupting stars.

Unleash the volcanic fury of Krakatoa, a spectacular fountain by Primed Pyrotechnics that will erupt in a mesmerizing display of vibrant colours and dazzling effects. Drawing inspiration from the legendary volcanic eruption, the Krakatoa fountain is designed to create an unforgettable experience.

Krakatoa is a category F3 display fountain, perfect for larger outdoor events. Weighing in at over a kilogram and with an impressive pyro powder content of 500 grams, this fountain erupts with the force and intensity of its namesake.

Manufactured by Primed Pyrotechnics, the Krakatoa fountain stands tall and proud as the centrepiece of your firework display. As the eruption unfolds, your audience will be entranced by the brilliant colours and mesmerizing effects that Krakatoa has to offer.

Adding the Krakatoa fountain to your event will pay homage to the power of nature and create a stunning visual spectacle that will be remembered for years to come. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this volcanic masterpiece to your next celebration. Embrace the awe-inspiring power of Krakatoa by Primed Pyrotechnics, and let it erupt in a blaze of glory!

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