Dragons Fury 66 Shots

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A very powerful firework by Cube Fireworks , 66 massive shots of different firing patterns , 

Dragon’s Fury is a 66 shot mixed effect, mixed firing pattern, barrage containing some stunning golden willow bursts with vivid coloured stars, red strobes and silver glitter, something Black Panther are describing as ‘gypsophila elegans’ (I had to look that up too) but I think you’ll know what they mean when you see it, beautiful glittering willows and similarly to Thunderbolt, there’s a falling leaves section just before the finale lifts.

Shots 66

Firing Pattern Mixed

Firing Height 25 m

Powder Weight 969g

Hazzard Class 1.3g 

Noise Level 4/5

Safety Distance 25 meters

Duration 65 seconds 

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