Tour De Force

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Wow was an enormous firework this is , so spectacular!!! One of our BEST sellers last year !!!


Tour de Force is a 3939g - 20/25/30mm tube size compound firework. Once you light it the Golden mine lifts to amazing coloured star burst and noise will take you breath away. It's non stop for 2 minutes with a large range of effect and noise from this is outstanding...

This is a fanned firework so ensure you have enough space on either side of the firework. This is to avoid hitting any tall trees or high obstacles when firing

Shots 288

Bore Sized Tubes 20 mm , 25 mm and 30 mm

Hazzard Class 1.3g

Staight and Fanned Firing Patterns

Safety Distance 25 meters 

Powder Weight 3939g

Duration 120 seconds 

Noise Level 5/5

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