The Quite Ones ( Low Noise Barrage Set )

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The Quiet Ines by Celtic Fireworks:

Overview: The Quiet Ines by Celtic Fireworks is a thoughtfully designed collection that delivers a stunning visual display without the loud bangs typically associated with traditional fireworks. This low-noise fireworks assortment is ideal for settings where noise sensitivity is a concern, such as residential areas, events with animals, or tranquil gatherings where a serene atmosphere is desired.

Type: Low-noise multi-effect fireworks


  • Bore Size: Typically 20mm to 25mm, allowing for impressive effects while maintaining a low-noise profile.
  • Powder Weight: Each firework contains approximately 100 grams of pyrotechnic composition, carefully measured to ensure a balanced and safe display.
  • Duration: The Quiet Ines fireworks provide an extended display of approximately 60 seconds, with individual effects lasting several seconds each, creating a continuous and engaging experience.


  1. Vivid Colors:
    • The Quiet Ines features a stunning palette of colors including bright reds, deep blues, lush greens, and radiant golds. Each burst of color fills the sky with rich, vibrant hues, creating a captivating and elegant visual display.
  2. Sparkling Comets:
    • These fireworks launch gracefully into the sky, trailing a sparkling comet tail. The comet effect leaves a glittering path as it ascends, drawing the eye upward in anticipation of the next visual delight.
  3. Falling Leaves:
    • One of the signature effects of the Quiet Ines is the falling leaves. After reaching their peak, the fireworks disperse into slow-descending sparks that mimic the gentle fall of leaves. This effect adds a calming, almost magical element to the display, as the sparks cascade gently toward the ground.
  4. Brocade Crowns:
    • The brocade crown effect creates a dense, glittering canopy in the sky. Golden sparks spread out in a crown shape, creating a rich, luxurious backdrop that shimmers and dazzles, adding an air of sophistication to the show.
  5. Strobes and Glitters:
    • The fireworks include shimmering strobe lights and glittering effects. These effects create a dynamic and sparkling display, with twinkling lights that dance across the sky. The strobes add a rhythmic, pulsating element, enhancing the visual complexity without the accompanying noise.

Safety and Handling:

  • Safety Distance: Maintain a safety distance of at least 15 meters (approximately 50 feet) from the launch site to ensure the safety of all spectators.
  • Setup: Place the fireworks on a stable, flat surface, making sure they are securely positioned and free from obstructions and flammable materials. This ensures stable launches and predictable flight paths.
  • Ignition: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe ignition. Use a long-reach lighter or an electronic firing system to light the fireworks from a safe distance, ensuring the operator’s safety.

Audience Appeal:

  • The Quiet Ines fireworks are ideal for events where minimizing noise is crucial. They are perfect for weddings, garden parties, community events, and celebrations near residential areas where loud noises might be disruptive.
  • These fireworks are also suitable for audiences who appreciate the visual beauty of fireworks but are sensitive to loud sounds, making them a great choice for children and pets.

Conclusion: The Quiet Ines by Celtic Fireworks offers a serene and visually enchanting fireworks experience. With its vibrant colors, elegant effects, and low-noise performance, this collection provides a sophisticated and enjoyable display that enhances any celebration while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. Whether for intimate gatherings or larger events, the Quiet Ines fireworks create memorable moments with their graceful and captivating effects

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