Shell Shocked

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New for 2024 from Pyroworx , this Fantastic Compound firework has got it ALL !!

139 shots of multi firing patterns with so many effects and colours , effects of red and green stars shoot up into golden brocades followed by fanned effect of blue and golden stars burst into more golden brocades, then a V formation of silver spinning comets into massive golden palms and red stars , blue stars into golden palms and crackling stars ,volleys of massive brocade red and silver peonies with blue mine lifts into a volley of 9 shots x 2 times of  spinning silver spirals that burst with massive silver peonies , ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!

Shots 139

Powder Weight 1971.9g

Noise Level 5/5

Safety Distance 25 meters

Bore Size Tubes 25/30mm

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