Rozpustilé fontánky

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These are a box of 10 little fountains , great little novelty fireworks , great fun !!

Rozpustilé fontánky is created by Klasek Fireworks and has 10 shots. We recommend that this firework is fired at a safe distance of 5 metres away from your spectators.

Rozpustilé fontánky is a straight-firing firework. This means it will fire straight up into the sky. Perfect if you have obstacles either side of the firing space, but have a large opening overhead.

This firework has a noise rating of 1/5 which is one of our quieter fireworks. Ideal for audiences where younger children will be present, or if you want to enjoy fireworks without upsetting any pets!

The duration of this firework is approximately 100 seconds.

Need some help deciding if Rozpustilé fontánky is the right firework for you? We offer FREE expert advice on this, and EVERY firework in our range - get in touch and we will help you select the perfect fireworks for your event!

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