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Celtic Red Blinker Firework (60-Second Version):

Shots: Multiple shots within the cake structure

Duration: Approximately 60 seconds


  • The Celtic Red Blinker firework is designed to provide an extended display of vibrant red strobe-like effects.
  • Each shot within the cake bursts into bright red flashes that blink rapidly, resembling a pulsating strobe effect in the sky.
  • The bursts are synchronized to create a continuous and mesmerizing display of red light, filling the sky with intensity and visual appeal.


  • Accompanying the visual spectacle, the Celtic Red Blinker firework may produce subtle crackling or sizzling sounds, adding to the sensory experience without being overly loud.


  • This 60-second version of the Celtic Red Blinker firework is suitable for larger outdoor settings and celebrations.
  • It is ideal for events where a prolonged display of vivid red lights is desired to captivate and entertain spectators over an extended period.

Safety and Handling:

  • As with all fireworks, safety precautions must be strictly followed. Place the firework on a stable, flat surface away from flammable materials and at a safe distance from spectators.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for safe ignition, using a long-reach lighter or electronic firing system from a safe distance.

Audience Appeal:

  • The Celtic Red Blinker firework’s vibrant red color and continuous strobing effects make it a popular choice for professional displays and large-scale celebrations.
  • It creates a festive atmosphere and enhances the overall ambiance of events such as festivals, community gatherings, and public fireworks displays.

Conclusion: The 60-second version of the Celtic Red Blinker firework offers an impressive and continuous display of bright red strobe-like effects, ensuring a captivating and memorable experience for spectators. Its visual intensity and extended duration make it a standout feature in any fireworks show or celebration.

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