META , 148 Compound Firework !!

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Vulcan Meta 148s Compound Cake

This 148 shot compound is a great addition to any display! Brand new for 2022. Enter the Metaverse!

With an array of colours, this brand new compound is pretty jaw dropping. Fast and Furious it has a really interesting and entertaining mixture of colours, special effects and also firing patterns. Firing Straight up, in fans, and Z shape sequences, and building to a really impressive finale, this firework is perfect as either a stand alone single ignition, or as a finale to your display. Its incredible!

Take a look at the video, its ace!

Powder Weight : 951gram – 

It’s a Loud Firework and it lasts 55 seconds.

Safety Distance: 15m.

Noise Rating 4 - Loud Bangs 
Hazard Type 1.4 G
  • Extremely Colourful 
  • Long Lasting 
  • Special Effects and Firing Patterns


  • Loud firework 
  • 25m recommended safety distance

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