Golden Dragon

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Celtic Golden Dragon Firework (100-Shot Version) by Celtic Fireworks:

Type: Multi-shot aerial cake firework

Shots: 100 shots

Bore Size: 25 mm

Duration: Approximately 45-55 seconds

Detailed Effects:

  1. Initial Launch:
    • The firework begins with a rapid sequence of lifts, each shot producing a powerful ascent accompanied by glittering comet tails that draw the audience's attention skyward.
  2. First Stage Burst:
    • The first series of shots explode into expansive golden brocade crowns, which unfurl gracefully and fill the sky with a dense canopy of shimmering gold. These brocade effects linger, creating a magical, sparkling backdrop.
  3. Mid-Sequence Effects:
    • As the display progresses, the firework transitions through a variety of stunning effects:
      • Golden Willows: Shots burst into cascading golden willow effects, their tendrils stretching downward, creating a beautiful draping effect.
      • Red and Green Tips: Some willows transition into vibrant red and green tips, adding color to the golden hues.
      • Crackling Chrysanthemums: Interspersed are chrysanthemum bursts, expanding in symmetrical, spherical patterns with crackling and glittering stars.
  4. Dragon Formation:
    • A signature sequence features a dragon-like formation. Shots create a serpentine pattern, simulating the body of a dragon. This effect is enhanced with vibrant red, green, and blue stars, crackling tails, and sweeping arcs that mimic the mythical creature’s movements.
  5. Finale:
    • The grand finale is a breathtaking combination of rapid-fire shots and simultaneous bursts:
      • Golden Willow and Brocade Crowns: A dense barrage of golden willow and brocade crowns fills the sky.
      • Crackling Pistils and Strobe Effects: The golden canopy is intensified with crackling pistils and shimmering strobe lights, creating a multi-layered, radiant display.
      • Overlapping Bursts: The finale builds to a crescendo with overlapping bursts, producing a stunning, cascading golden waterfall effect that illuminates the entire sky.
  6. Sound:
    • Throughout the performance, the firework provides a rich auditory experience. The deep booms of the lifts, the crackling of the chrysanthemums, and the sizzling of the golden willows combine to create a symphony of sounds that enhance the visual spectacle.

Safety and Usage:

  • Safety Distance: Maintain a safety distance of at least 15 meters for spectators.
  • Setup: Place the firework on a flat, stable surface, ensuring it is secure and free from any obstructions or flammable materials.
  • Ignition: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for lighting, using a long-reach lighter or an electronic firing system to ensure safety.

The 100-shot Golden Dragon firework by Celtic Fireworks is designed to be a showstopper. Its intricate combination of effects, vibrant colors, and dynamic patterns ensures a mesmerizing and memorable display. Whether used as a centerpiece in a larger show or as a standalone spectacle, this firework promises to captivate and delight audiences with its enchanting performance.




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