Glimmer Glammour

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Glimmer Glamour Firework by Celtic Fireworks (100-Shot Version):

Type: Multi-shot aerial cake firework

Shots: 100 shots

Bore Size: 20 mm

Duration: Approximately 60-70 seconds

Detailed Effects:

  1. Initial Launch:
    • The display begins with a rapid succession of launches, each shot propelled into the sky with bright comet tails, creating an immediate sense of anticipation and excitement.
  2. First Stage Burst:
    • Upon reaching their peak, the initial shots burst into expansive golden brocade crowns that fill the sky with a rich, shimmering canopy of gold. These crowns linger beautifully, setting a majestic backdrop for the subsequent effects.
  3. Mid-Sequence Effects:
    • The mid-section of the display features a variety of stunning effects:
      • Golden Palms with Crackling Tips: Shots burst into golden palm trees with each branch tipped with crackling stars, creating a dynamic and sparkling visual.
      • Colorful Peonies: Vibrant peony bursts transition through bright shades of red, green, and blue, providing a striking contrast to the golden hues.
      • Crackling Chrysanthemums: These shots explode into large, spherical patterns of crackling stars, adding a dramatic and sizzling effect to the display.
  4. Sparkling Willow Cascades:
    • A mesmerizing sequence where shots create golden willow cascades, their long, elegant tendrils stretching downward and leaving behind trails of sparkling glitter. This effect adds an element of grace and beauty to the show.
  5. Dragon Eggs:
    • Bursts of dragon eggs are featured, exploding into clusters of bright, crackling stars that resemble the fiery breath of a dragon, adding excitement and intensity to the display.
  6. Finale:
    • The grand finale is a breathtaking combination of rapid-fire shots and simultaneous bursts:
      • Dense Golden Willows and Brocade Crowns: The sky is filled with a dense canopy of golden willows and brocade crowns.
      • Strobing Silver and Crackling Pistils: These effects add layers of shimmering silver strobe lights and crackling pistils, creating a multi-layered, radiant display.
      • Overlapping Bursts: The finale builds to a crescendo with overlapping bursts, culminating in a stunning, cascading golden waterfall effect that illuminates the entire sky.
  7. Sound:
    • Throughout the performance, the firework delivers a rich auditory experience, from the powerful launches and deep booms to the crackling and sizzling sounds of the bursting stars, creating a multi-sensory spectacle.

Safety and Usage:

  • Safety Distance: Maintain a safety distance of at least 15 meters for spectators.
  • Setup: Place the firework on a flat, stable surface, ensuring it is secure and free from any obstructions or flammable materials.
  • Ignition: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for lighting, using a long-reach lighter or an electronic firing system to ensure safety.

The 100-shot Glimmer Glamour firework by Celtic Fireworks is designed to be a show-stopping highlight of any fireworks display. Its intricate combination of golden effects, vibrant colors, and dynamic patterns ensures a mesmerizing and memorable performance. Whether used as a centerpiece in a larger show or as a standalone spectacle, this firework promises to captivate and delight audiences with its enchanting and radiant display.




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