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Discover the "Galeon" by Jorge Fireworks, a captivating 36-shot barrage that transforms your night sky into a dazzling treasure trove. Each shot launches a silver tail that spectacularly bursts into bright red crossettes, reminiscent of quiet silver and red jewels. The "Galeon" is a low noise firework, making it an excellent choice for events where sound sensitivity is a priority.

Key features of the "Galeon" include:

- **Shots**: 36 fast-firing shots.
- **Effects**: Silver tails leading to bright red crossettes.
- **Noise Level**: Low, perfect for noise-sensitive settings.
- **Duration**: Approximately 22 seconds of display.
- **Safety Distance**: 8 meters, ensuring a safe viewing experience.
- **Powder Weight**: 352 grams, contributing to the intensity of the effects.
- **Type**: F2, suitable for a variety of occasions.
- **Dimensions**: Compact size with a caliber of 20 mm, making it easy to store and handle.

Whether it's for a special celebration or just to add a touch of magic to an evening, the "Galeon" by Jorge Fireworks is an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of spectacle and subtlety. This firework is celebrated for its quality and is part of Jorge's renowned range of products that have been lighting up skies across Europe for over 30 years. 

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