Chain Reaction

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Wow , This is a BEAST of a Firework 

Introducing Hallmark Firework Chain Reaction Compound Firework : the ultimate firework for those who love a good surprise. This firework is designed to create a domino effect of explosive, colorful displays. Each shot sets off the next in a continuous chain reaction Firework that is sure to captivate and delight.

 With a massive 600 shots count packed with an astounding 3758g of powder fired from 20mm bore tubes, this firework delivers a lengthy duration of just under 4 minutes. The effects and firing patterns make this one a stand-alone display in box pieces that will keep you and your viewing audience more than entertained. It is breathtaking, beautiful, and brilliant - perfect for any type of celebration and also a fantastic finale for any sized display! 

Hallmark Firework Chain Reaction Compound Firework  is classified as a Category F2 firework and is suitable for use in a variety of settings. It has a recommended viewing distance of 25 meters or more and has a noise level of loud. The firework reaches heights of up to 20 meters and has a mixed firing pattern, providing a varied and dynamic display. 

Shots 600

Duration 240 Seconds 

Powder Weight 3758g

Height 20 meters +

Hazzard Class 1.4g

Bore Size Tubes 20 mm

Noise Level 5/5

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