Bonfire Bash

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Bonfire Bash by Hallmark Fireworks: Unleash the Spectacle

Get ready for an evening of pure enchantment with Bonfire Bash, a breathtaking medium single ignition firework designed to awe and inspire. This extraordinary display launches 48 explosive shots into the night sky, each bursting with a symphony of colors and mesmerizing effects.

Picture the scene: as dusk falls, Bonfire Bash lights up the horizon with brilliant red and green peonies, filling the air with the fragrance of floral fireworks. Watch in awe as elegant brocades weave intricate patterns of gold and silver, cascading down like molten threads of light. Above, silver twinkling stars dance and shimmer, casting a celestial glow across the sky.

The excitement builds with each shot, leading up to an unforgettable finale—a thunderous double volley of golden brocades adorned with radiant blue stars. The sky erupts into a dazzling display of color and sound, leaving spectators breathless and cheering for more.

Technical Specifications:

  • Shots: 48
  • Hazard Class: 1.4g
  • Firing Style: Straight
  • Powder Weight: 305g
  • Tube Size: 20 mm
  • Safety Distance: 8 meters

Bonfire Bash isn't just a firework; it's a masterpiece of pyrotechnic artistry. Perfect for any occasion that demands excitement and spectacle, from weddings to New Year's celebrations, this firework promises an evening of pure magic and wonder. Prepare to be captivated—Bonfire Bash is more than amazing, it's unforgettable!

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