Big Bash Selection Box

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Big Bash Selection Box – NEW

NEW FOR 2024

Now This is What I Call a Big Selection Box of Fireworks!!

Introducing our biggest and most impressive selection box yet, now available for just £215.00 (reduced from £270.00). This ultimate collection features 40 premium fireworks, each handpicked for their spectacular effects and high-quality performance.

Expect a dazzling array of colors, including vibrant reds, greens, blues, and golds, along with a variety of effects such as crackling stars, glittering brocades, shimmering peonies, and dramatic bursts. The selection includes a mix of rockets, fountains, roman candles, and aerial shells, ensuring a diverse and thrilling display that will captivate any audience.

For your safety and the best visual experience, this selection box requires an 8-meter clearance. Perfect for parties, celebrations, and any occasion that calls for a grand fireworks display, this box promises to deliver an unforgettable night of entertainment.


1 x Cheery Cherries – 25 shots

1 x Bangers & Flash – 25 shots

1 x Mad As A Box Of Frogs – 25 shots

2 x Strobe Surge – NEW

1 x Pom Pom Fountain – 1 minute duration NEW

1 x 18 shot cake

6 x 8 shot cakes

1 x Tropical Storm Fountain – 3 minute duration

6 x Superstar Rockets

1 x Fortune Fountain – 35 seconds

1 x Heatwave – 7 Shot cake

1 x 6″ Gold Rush fountain – 1 minute duration

1 x 6″ Silver Shimmer fountain – 1 minute duration

2 x 15 shot cakes

1 x Swarming Bees Fountain – 35 seconds

3 x 8 shot Nitro Candles

1 x Nukes Of Hazzard fountain – 50 seconds

2 x Catherine Wheels

2 x 16 shot cakes

1 x Treasure Chest fountain – 1 minute duration

1 x Enchanted Forest

2 x Aladdins Cave – 1 minute each

1 x 70 shot candle

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